A Visionary Journey to Guatemala with EQUIP


Hello from the beautiful country of Guatemala! I’m excited to be writing from here this week, because this trip represents the start of a new global initiative for my nonprofit organization, EQUIP.

Speaking for Guatemala Prospera

Beginning in Guatemala, EQUIP is focusing on the idea of leadership transformation in countries, states, cities, and communities worldwide.

Guatemala influencers

And so far in Guatemala City I’ve met with and spoken to a remarkable variety of leaders and influencers, including the leader of the Mayans (a people group that makes up 40% of the country’s population), 1,200 pastors, over 5,000 activists, the archbishop of Guatemala, and the leaders of the largest university in Central America (Universidad de San Carlos). All of whom are enthusiastic about making a difference in their country.

Guatemala activists

Bathed in prayer, this visit to Guatemala has been filled with blessings and anointed conversations. I feel honored to get to share this vision with so many who are eager to hear and act on it.

Prayers for Guatemala

This is just the beginning of something big in Guatemala. I’ll continue to meet with influencers the rest of this week, casting the vision and offering to serve them and partner with them in transforming their nation.

Guatemala Prospera 2

And this spring, we’re doing something called the EQUIP World Relay, a virtual and actual walk to Guatemala from the United States. Anyone can participate, either through walking (the actual route or right where you are), praying with us, or sponsoring the walk. It’s a wonderful opportunity to be a part of this leadership movement that we pray will transform our world. Click below to visit the site and learn more about how you can join us. You can also follow @EQUIPWorldRelay on Twitter for more vision and updates.

EQUIP World Relay site

Thank you to so many of you who are praying for this trip. We are blessed to be connected with you, and your prayers are yielding good fruit.

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  1. 1
    Alan Garcia says:


    I am so glad that you are bringing change to my small country. Amd just like the leaders you met, I want to make a positive change in Guatemala. I am still very young but with plans on bringing opportunity through education to the small town I grew up in before moving to Massachusetts at the age of 13. Thank you!

  2. 2
    Doug Smith says:

    This is so exciting! Keep up the great work!

  3. 3
    Uche says:

    Thanks for making this investment and pouring yourself to the betterment of others.

  4. 4
    Joe Abraham says:

    Thanks John for the Guatemala update. May the Lord continue to empower you to bring the teaching of transformational leadership to different countries around the globe. Love to be a part of JMT!

  5. 5


    Thank you for being the world’s servant and teaching people what leadership is all about, to serve others.


  6. 6

    Thanks for comming and teach our leadership. ¡Guatemalan people are thankful with you!

  7. 7
    Sandy says:

    John, The intersection of “parent of Guatemalan children” and “psychologist/leadership coach” can’t be super large, but it includes me. That said, let me know if there is a practical way I can help equip these leaders and be a part of the journey!

  8. 8
    George Powell says:

    What an amazing opportunity and incredible impact . . . history in the making.

  9. 9

    Wow! What an impact! Awesome,